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All-Metal Nut Caps & Screw Covers

Screws, nuts, bolts and rivets are used in many designs and environments. Covering exposed fasteners may be needed to enhance decorative designs, to provide a safe cover over sharp edges, or to protect your fasteners from corrosive environmental elements.  Our all metal screw, nut, bolt and rivet covers are attractive, durable and corrosion resistant.  Whatever your need, Storage Concepts, Inc. offers a solution!

Screwcaps are metal screw covers that cover the screw heads or short jam nuts on screw ends. They are lower-profile than Nutcaps.


Cover standard-size hex nuts and bolts with our Nutcap metal nut covers. Each one is able to cover the nut and two or three threads of the screw or the stud, replacing it with a burnished metal cap.


Every other fastener can be covered by our Roundcaps. Ideal for shielding screw heads or blind rivets, these rounded caps prevent fasteners with screw threads from sticking out and tearing clothing or skin.


Spacer's Outer Diameter is the same as Cap's Outer Diameter and can be used to space caps and signs off of Walls.


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About Us

Cover exposed fasteners with patented nut caps and screw covers designed built by Storage Concepts Inc. These threaded caps provide an attractive and protective cover for both ends of standard threaded fasteners, covering, concealing, and protecting the sharp ends of screws, screw heads, nuts, and rivets.

Decorative and protective, our Screwcap, Roundcap, and Nutcap screw and nut covers are great for architecture and architectural design, signs, signage, and displays.  They can be used as protective covers for fasteners used in transportation, for fasteners used in bathroom fixtures, for fasteners used in the metal fabrication business, for machinery, for fixtures, for plaques and memorials where brass is used,  for knockdown furniture, or any furniture with or without glued joints.

Explore our site for more details and pricing. Be sure to also check back to see what new products and designs we offer in the future. Take a look at our pictures to see how these products can help you with your projects. Feel free to place an order by ordering online or by contacting us by email or phone.

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