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Durable Aluminum Screwcaps & Protectors

Storage Concepts Inc. is your source for durable and attractive Screwcap aluminum screw covers. Our company is the only designer and manufacturer of a full line of all-metal covers that conceal and secure hex screw heads and ends. When choosing from the selection below, remember to use the threaded body diameter to determine which of the four different sizes is correct for your Screwcap. If you wish to use metals and finishes other than our brushed aluminum screw covers, please take a look at our brass and stainless steel covers.  Alternatively, call or email us.

Set of Aluminum Screwcaps

Sizes & Pricing

• 1/2" Aluminum Screwcap & Seat, SC8A
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• 3/8" Aluminum Screwcap & Seat, SC6A
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• 5/16" Aluminum Screwcap & Seat, SC5A
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• 1/4" Aluminum Screwcap & Seat, SC4A
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