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Finished Brass Nutcaps

Make any bolted surface look more graceful with decorative and practical brass Nutcaps and bolt protectors. Storage Concepts Inc. is the only designer and manufacturer of a full line of all-metal nut covers that hide and secure standard hex nuts and bolts protruding from any surface.  When placing your order, remember that the threaded body diameter is important for ensuring you receive the correct size for your Nutcaps. If you wish to use metals and finishes other than our brass, aluminum, or stainless steel nut and bolt covers, please get in touch with us for more information.

Set of Brass Nutcaps

Sizes & Pricing

• 1/2" Brass Nutcap & Seat, NC8B
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• 3/8" Brass Nutcap & Seat, NC6B
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• 5/16" Brass Nutcap & Seat, NC5B
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• 1/4" Brass Nutcap & Seat, NC4B
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