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Brass Roundcaps Rivet & Bolt Covers

Decorate any surface with our brass Roundcaps. Storage Concepts Inc., offers a selection of decorative brass rivet caps and bolt or screw covers for you to choose from. The all-metal Roundcaps we designed cover everything from screws and rivets to nuts and bolts. When placing your order, remember that the threaded body diameter is important for ensuring you receive the correct size for your Roundcaps. If you wish to use metals and finishes other than brass for rivet, screw, or nut covers,
please take a look at our aluminum and stainless steel Roundcaps or contact us.

Set of Brass Roundcaps

Sizes & Pricing

• 1/2" Brass Roundcap & Seat, RC8B
Please see cart for pricing.
• 3/8" Brass Roundcap & Seat, RC6B
Please see cart for pricing.
• 5/16" Brass Roundcap & Seat, RC5B
Please see cart for pricing.
• 1/4" Brass Roundcap & Seat, RC4B
Please see cart for pricing.