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Beautify Any Nut Tightened Bolt or Screw End with Nutcaps

Sturdy and dependable Nutcaps cover ugly and sharp bolt ends and nuts with a strong, attractive cover. From studs to rivets, these metal nut covers cover any type of standard hex nut and bolt end. With a threaded seat (included in a set), they fit over finished hex  screw heads, as well as nut and screw ends plus about 2 additional threads protruding past the nut. Because they conceal sharp edges, Nutcaps are perfect for knockdown furniture, safety and protective purposes, and decoration.

How it Works Roundcaps

Screw Screws

How it Works

A threaded metal washer seat (included with a Nutcap cap and seat set) is put onto the screw or bolt end and then the nut is screwed down and tightened on top of it to clamp the washer in place. The metal cap is screwed onto the threaded washer, covering the nut and bolt end with an attractive brushed or semi gloss finish cap. Each metal Nutcap only needs to be tightened by hand onto the threaded washer to hold firmly. However, they can be made tight enough with standard soft-jawed pliers, rubber strip, or a belt-type wrench, so it cannot be removed manually or an adhesive can be put  on the Nutcap threads to lock the cap onto the seat. Please ask us if you need soft-jawed pliers or rubber strip for tightening or a thread adhesive

Types Of Nutcaps

All of our metal nut covers are machined to a brushed (machine) or near mirror finish using extremely durable metals, including brass, stainless steel, or aluminum. We have Nutcaps available for four sizes of nuts and bolts: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2". If you prefer other metals and finishes, please reach out to us for more information. Find out more about the types of metals available below.